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What is Heart Soul Therapy

Heart Soul Therapy founded by Fabienne Marneau combine holistic alternative medicine modalities under profound intuitive guidance. The spiritual understanding of the vital energy source of all liberates from the past and strengthen the mind/heart/soul connection. Fabienne’s one on one breakthrough sessions, Group Programs and International Retreats help people who wish to improve the quality of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Fabienne Marneau professional lifetime passion for healing makes her a leading expert specialized in rejuvenation, PTSD and grief with great success.

Benefits from Breakthrough Heart Soul Therapy:

Clearing stress, anxiety, physical discomfort, painful childhood memories, past trauma or phobias, and fear.

Dissolve negative emotions such as anger, resentment or guilt. Heal your heart from grief and sadness. Recover from burnout and confusion. Expect miracles and be ready to experience freedom and inner peace transforming limiting beliefs into new insights with clarity and confidence. Regain joy and be energized.

Heart Soul Therapy Sessions can be done in-office or at distance.


All my life healing experience and learnings inspired the alchemy philosopy behind Heart Soul Therapy. It is my life mission to share the power of self-healing and divine connection for the higher good of all. Fabienne


Palmtherapy is the only energy healing modality that can alleviate the emotional suffering from PTSD, grief and phobias permanently without having to relive the traumatic event. 

Crystal & Chakra Therapy

Promote deep relaxation and well-being with Crystal & Chakra Therapy

Timeline Regression

Find and heal the cause of all challenges and present suffering using a safe and peaceful hypnotic timeline session.