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From LED LIGHT BODY CONTOUR – NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS to BODY WRAP, and MIND-REPROGRAMMING, many options are available to support you with your fitness journey. 


Firming Body Wraps

Our natural marine and botanical wraps along with cellulite massage reshape the silhouette for a firmer, soft slimmer skin.


 LED Light Body Contour

Lose weight melting fat away, firm and tone difficult areas such as the neck, arms, tights, stomach with a relaxing and safe LED Light Body Contour.


Deluxe Body Contour Package

The ultimate weight loss package including Body Wraps and LED Light Body Contour.

Get support accomplishing your goals

Fitness Challenge!

Register to our Facebook Fitness Challenge Group to stay on track while having fun.

Ultimate Fitness 

When the body is in Ketosis, fat melt. Our LED Contour Light body sculpturing reshape to perfect figure while BEMER Therapy detox

NES Bioenergetic

Regulate body functions for ultimate wellness 

Our Success Stories

From losing weight to reshape, tone & firm

Fitness & BEMER

Increasing cardiovascular functions will enhance weight management 

Share Your Fitness Goals

You are invited to share your fitness goals in our Facebook Fitness Challenge Group or connect here with Fabienne.


Relaxe, rejuvenate, let go of worries and tensions…

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Mamun Shikdar

Invite Fabienne to your peace sanctuary for a retreat or lecture

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