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Meet Fabienne

Fabienne has been an Aesthetician for over 30 years; passionately creating beauty and harmony using innovative Skin Care technology and Holistic Wellness methods

Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony Holistic Wellness and Heart Soul Therapy is an Energy Healing international expert. Fabienne owned and managed numerous Day Spas in Orange County.

The Art Of Youth, Beauty & Radiance

Experience the secrets to beauty, youth, relaxation, and vitality combine with de-age natural skin care products, anti-aging toning/anti-wrinkle LED Light Facials, and Body Contour firming/sculpting treatments.

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Each Soul Painting inspired to Fabienne carry a unique vibration of faith, joy, and harmony.

Fabienne Art Therapy Classes helps develop creativity and intuition. 

Medium Soul Writer and lecturer, Fabienne Marneau has been interviewed on television as well as radio and is available by appointment to share her healing gifts and creativity.

The Papillon Transformational Method of Holistic Workshops helps develop creativity and intuition in each and every individual.

Signature Services

Destination Harmony technology utilizes Fabienne’s expertise to create innovatively holistic anti-aging beautifying skin care facials and body slimming treatments. 

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Two New World-Class Athletes Endorsing BEMER!

Two New World-Class Athletes Endorsing BEMER!

Many world-class athletes are thrilled about how BEMER Therapy is improving their rest, recovery and focus. After the entire RAAM cycling team, Lesley Paterson & Ben Garland are endorsing BEMER for before and after sports performances… LESLEY PATERSON Five-time...

Age Solution Holiday Special

Age Solution Holiday Special

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